Pointing at Pennsylvania
by Kathleen Connally

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This photograph was taken along the Delaware River between Riegelsville, NJ and Phillipsburg NJ, on January 5, 2007. The air temperature was unseasonably warm at 60-65 degrees and the water was quite cold, relatively speaking. The fog was isolated to about 10-20 feet above the water; the atmosphere was quite clear along the River Road and beyond.

The model is my niece, Jenn; she's 21 and attends Lockhaven University in Lockhaven, Pennsyvania. She's studying to be a pharmacist. Jenn was visiting with me over her winter break when we took this shot.

Shot with the Canon 5-D at ISO 200, f/3.2, shutter 1/640s. Minimal post-processing: a basic curves adjustment for contrast, some color balancing for tone.


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